Outdoor Installation Considerations for Water Softeners and Filters

Outdoor Installation Considerations for Water Softeners and Filters

Many of our customers in warmer weather climates, such as Florida, Arizona and California, install their water softeners and/or filters outside when they are faced with space restrictions or no basements. Luckily, in climates where the temperatures don’t get below freezing, an outdoor installation is a viable option, however, there are some precautions to think about. Because these systems are exposed to the sun, the effects that UV rays have on the mineral tanks must be addressed.

Of the three available tank options, the best color to choose for an outdoor installation is black. This seems counterintuitive, but the black tanks are the only color option that offer a degree of UV protection. No matter which tank color you choose, the top threaded opening of all the tanks is susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun. The top is the only part of the tank that has no coating. Over time, the sun exposure will cause cracks and eventual leaking.

The best protection you can offer is to have your water systems under some sort of constructed shelter, such as a car port or awning that provides a shaded area. This is not always available, which is why the manufacturer of the tanks offers a UV shield. This shield is a round, thin ring of rubber. It is placed over the top of the tank opening prior to threading on the control valve. To ensure that the exposed plastic of the tank opening is fully covered, please do a visual inspection all the way around of the top of the tank under the control valve.

The ten-year manufacturer’s warranty is voided if the tank is installed outdoors and does not have one of the UV shields in place. The UV shields are included free for all systems to be installed outdoors, but we need to know beforehand that you are doing an outdoor installation so that we can include the shield with the delivery. If making an online order without talking to one of our representatives, please make sure to either call or email to let us know to include the UV shield.

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