Do I Need a Water Filtration System

Do I Need a Water Filtration System

A recent study reported by the Water Quality Association offered a unique look into Americans’ attitudes and concerns about their water. The 2019 Consumer Opinion Study was conducted with a total of 1,405 adults.

  • A quarter of the households in America are very concerned about the quality of their household’s water supply, and another 26% are concerned.
  • Nearly half – 48% – expressed concern for the safety of their tap water.
  • 51% of the households with children said they’d consider buying a water filtration system in the future
  • Most Americans are somewhat knowledgeable about what contaminants might be found in their water supply, according to the study, and, unaided, almost half identify lead as the primary substance of concern.

These findings show Americans’ growing concerns about environmental issues affecting their quality of life. Though they are concerned, a majority of Americans don’t take steps to better understand what’s in their drinking water and take the steps to purify it through filtration. Quality Water for Less makes it possible for families to purchase an affordable water treatment system

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