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TrojanUVMax C4 - 9 GPM
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Model C4 treats up to 7-16 gpm / 26-60 lpm (16 mJ/cm2 at 85% UV transmittance)Model C4 treats up to 7-16 gpm / 26-60 lpm (16 mJ/cm2 at 85% UV transmittance)TheTrojan UV Max product line...
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Model C4 treats up to 7-16 gpm / 26-60 lpm (16 mJ/cm2 at 85% UV transmittance)
Model C4 treats up to 7-16 gpm / 26-60 lpm (16 mJ/cm2 at 85% UV transmittance)

Trojan UV Max product line represents the most flexible and reliable
UV disinfection solutions available, used for such applications as
homes, cottages, schools, nursing homes, and camp grounds. UV
technology is a proven solution for contamination from harmful
microorganisms such as E.coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

the leading-edge technology we build into systems that treat the water
for water bottlers and large cities, we have developed a product that
establishes a new benchmark. Among the differences you will find in a
TrojanUVMax is a unique lamp and sleeve assembly that allows for both
to be removed in seconds and without any tools! Take a look at some of
the other innovations pioneered by the TrojanUVMax product line.

Trojan, we are committed to providing superior customer service,
greater reliability, and the best product features available. For
complete confidence in the water you drink, trust Trojan.

The proven way to safeguard your familys drinking water.
Install a Trojan UV Max water purification system and drink
with confidence. You no longer have to be concerned about
bad water tests, boil water advisories, or contamination by
harmful microorganisms. The Trojan UV Max uses the same
proven UV technology that we build into our large systems
that purify the leading brands of bottled water and the
drinking water of major cities. Tens of thousands of
TrojanUVMax systems are at work protecting the water in
homes, cottages, schools, daycare centers and other facilities.

Here's why.

Proven 99.99% effective

Trojan UV Max systems undergo exhaustive testing and
evaluation to ensure they destroy 99.99% of harmful
microorganisms, including E. coli, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia.

Environmentally-friendly and chemical-free

Purification with the Trojan UV Max is a natural process
that adds no chemicals and does not affect the taste or
odor of your water.

High output UV lamps

Specialized, high output UV lamps maximize the
output of germicidal UV energy.

Advanced, space-saving design

A Trojan UV Max system, capable of treating the water for
an entire home, is less than 20 (50cm) in length and fits
just about anywhere. Thats because the Trojan UV Max was
developed using a sophisticated, 3-dimensional, computer
modelling process that resulted in a compact UV chamber
that delivers maximum UV purification.

Automatic lamp replacement reminder

The helpful digital display provides system information,
including how many months the UV lamp has been in use.
Once each year, an automatic visual and audible reminder
will notify you that its time to replace the lamp.

Safe and easy to maintain

Replacing the UV lamp is simple and can be completed
in minutes without tools. A special safety cap on the
chamber prevents children from accessing the lamp or
electrical components.

Stable, energy-efficient power delivery

The electronic power supply accurately maintains lamp
intensity during power fluctuations, assuring continuous
purification. The energy-efficient system uses about the
same amount of energy as a 40 watt light bulb.

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