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Neutra-Sul (H2O2) is gaining popularity in the water treatment field by being astrong oxidant in protecting against Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganeseremoval. The lower concentrations of Neutra-Sul are relatively safe to deal with aswell. Neutra-Sul should be introduced into the water supply from a sealedcontainer using a peristaltic pump.

Features and Benefits

Benefits of using 7% Neutra-Sul:No OdorNonflammableDecomposes into oxygen and waterAvailable in 1 gallon HP41N) and 5 gallon (HP05N) containersMore powerful oxidizer than chlorine and potassium permanganate

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Neutra-Sul (Hydrogen Peroxide) 1 gal
Neutra-Sul (Hydrogen Peroxide) 1 gal
Our Price: $19.99

Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidizer
Neutra Sul 2.5 GAL - HP22N
Neutra-Sul (Hydrogen Peroxide) 2.5 gal - HP22N
Our Price: $48.75

Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidizer