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Parts & Accessories

  • Valves & Parts

    Need a replacement part or complete valve assembly? We have what you need for your Autotrol, Fleck, or Clack valve!
  • Spin-Down / Sand Separators

    Use our Vu-Flow line of Sand Separators and Spin-Down filters to help remove unwanted sand and turbidity from your well water.
  • Media & Resin

    Media or "mineral" is the material necessary to complete your treatment system. Check this section for replacement media for your softener, iron filter, carbon filter, pH neutralizer, and more!
  • Media Tanks

    Our complete line of Structural media tanks combine strength, durability, and reliability. Also called "pressure vessels" or "mineral tanks", these tanks hold the treatment media for your system.
  • Brine Tanks

    Salt storage tanks, also called "Brine" tanks, are specially deisgned to hold your systems salt reserves used in the regeneration of your system. Our complete line of brine tanks assures that you find the right brine tank size and color to best complete your system.
  • Drain/Brine Tubing

    Check this section to find the drain and brine tubing for your treatment system. Our tubing is prefect for use with your water softener or backwashing filter.
  • Air Gap Adapters

    Finish your installation off the right way with our complete line of Air Gap assemblies.
  • Plumbing Adapters

    Make your plumbing job easier with a flexible connection! These heavy-duty connectors are made with tough braided stainless steel, and come in a variety of lengths and configurations. These are great for water softeners, filter housings, and water heaters.