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Installation Guides:

Please use the step-by-step guides below to help with your softener or reverse osmosis system set-up. We know D.I.Y. water treatment can be somewhat confusing at times, so we've taken special care to keep our instructions simple and user friendly. Click the links below for a detailed PDF, which will guide you through your installation and set-up process.

If you have trouble opening the links in your browser, you may need to right-click the links and save them first to view separately.

These guides, along with additional downloadable materials (such as spec sheets, brochures, and manufacturers service manuals) can be found on the original system order pages on this website.

Of course, we are always able to help you over the phone at 800-426-5001 if you require any additional assistance.

Water Softener Install Guides:

Reverse Osmosis Install Guides

Backwashing & Regenerating Filter Systems

  • Backwashing Filters & Fleck 7000SXT (pH, Carbon, Sediment)

  • Regenerating Filters & Fleck 7000SXT (Greensand)

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