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Still-Clean is a crystal used for dissolving mineral deposits. When used properly this crystal can help remove unsightly mineral deposits in water distillers, humidifiers, steam irons, coffee makers and much more. Still-Clean helps maintain energy efficiency of water using appliances and will ultimately increase the life of these appliances.

The following directions can be used for removing mineral deposits from distillers, humidifiers, coffee pots, or any metal, glass, ceramic, porcelain, or most plastic water using appliances.

  1. Turn off or unplug distiller.
  2. Fill distiller with water to a level slightly higher than the mineral deposit.
  3. Add 4 tablespoons of Still-Clean per gallon of water
  4. Allow solution to stand 12 hours.
  5. Drain solution and rinse thoroughly.

Coffee Makers: Mineral deposits will form an insulating barrier around the heating element causing it to burn out prematurely and preventing the water from reaching it's desired temperature. To clean, dissolve 2 tablespoons of Still-Clean to 1 quart of water and add to coffee maker and set for brewing. Repeat this procedure using plan tap water to rinse.

Humidifiers: Mineral deposits will form around the walls of a humidifier caused by water evaporation. To remove deposits, dissolve 4 tablespoons of Still-Clean per 1 gallon of water. Fill humidifier with this solution to just above the mineral deposits and let sit for 12 hours. Empty the humidifier and rinse with tap water.

Steam Irons: Mineral deposits will clog the steam holes of an iron preventing proper ironing. To clean, dissolve 2 teaspoons of Still-Clean to 1 cup of water and pour into steam iron while in an upright position. Place steam iron into a heat resisitant dishpan, plug in and let steam for 2-3 minutes. DO NOT EXCEED 3 MINUTES. Unplug! Place iron in a horizontal position supported above the dishpan and allow solution to drip out of steam holes for 30 minutes. Wipe away any traces of liquid from the bottom of the iron.

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