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Trojan UVMax
The TrojanUVMax™ product line is designed for residential, institutional and commercial applications, using the knowledge gained from developing leading-edge systems for water bottlers and large cities. TrojanUVMax™ has proven itself in tens of thousands of applications around the world.
R-Can Sterilight
Sterilight Cobalt's™ compact whole home systems featuring high-output, axial flow UV technology are easy to install and offers the smallest installation footprint on the market. Flexibility abounds with the use of either 10” or 20” high flow filter housings accepting a variety of filtration media to suit your application needs. Available in either a standard Cobalt ”BASIC” package with LED output for lamp life remaining and total controller running time or in the Cobalt ”PLUS” package featuring the addition of a discrete 254 nm UV sensor and the capability of adding an optional solenoid shut off valve. Whatever your specific applications may require, the new Cobalt DWS systems offers the solution!